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Services and Rates

Zoolatry is primarily a mid-day dog walking service but offer some petsitting as well.

Dog Walking Services

Sign Up for our services Zoolatry offers half-hour midday walks during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. This is the time frame that we can assure you that a walker can be at your house. We do like to know what is the preferred time you would like to have your dog walked and we will do our best to meet this time.

  • A Dog Walk
    Each walker covers a very small area of the city (a matter a blocks) and has a "route" of clients he or she serves every week. This system provides consistency and allows your dog to bond with the walker. We take your dog outside to the location of your preference, be it your neighborhood, local park or trail. In this way we can assure that your dog gets exercise, and you have the peace of mind that your dog is in the safe care of a Zoolatry dog walker. At the end of the walk we put the dog back in the house according to your instructions. We also take care of picking-up and disposing of your dog's business in the location that you specify.

  • TLC
    Besides walking with your dog, we also play with them in order to give them the attention they require and deserve.

    Dog Walking Rates

  • $15 - $20 for each 30 minute walk for one dog
  • $5 for each additional dog
  • $25 sign-up and registration fee

    Catsitting Services

    We also offer catsitting services where we visit your cat in your home to feed and clean the litter box. Like our dog services, we also give your cat alot of TLC.

    Cat Sitting Rates

  • $20 per visit
  • $25 sign-up and registration fee


    Registration to initiate any of our services is a short but necessary part of the getting-to-know-you process. Before taking you and your pet on as clients, we will schedule an approximately 30 minute meeting. During this meeting, we will record your preferences and specific service instructions along with filling out a contract specifying our policies and procedures.

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